1. wow, it seems like i haven’t been sharing very much personal stuff here lately. been busy. working a lot. every spare moment i’ve been at my computer proofing. fun, but busy. lots going on at home too, so i’m not sure where to start really.

2. teagan is up on all fours, crawling, exploring every nook and cranny of the house. laughing hysterically at the mere site of his sister. playing with the door stops constantly, boooooooing.  cracks me up.

3. i miss my mom like crazy. our october visit got canceled, so it will be a full six month span between our last visit and our next visit. so hard.  i never thought i’d go 6 months without seeing my mom.

4. kylie is back in the house! wa-hoo! we’ve missed her like crazy and i’m so glad the stink finally wore off of her…no more skunk smell. taryn is the most thrilled of everyone, except kylie. if you are a dog lover, you can imagine how hard it was to have her outside for over a month and not participating in the family.

5. ty and i made homemade chili yesterday. at dinner i went to give taryn some sour cream and she pipes up with “a lil dabby do ya”.

6.  this made me giggle…oh what a wild and crazy ride this little one takes us on

7.  we’re having nursing problems.  again.  plugged ducts, mastitis over the last few weeks.  and now he’s on a nursing strike.  stinker.  why is something so natural, so difficult?  i’m just gonna wait him out, i think i am way more stubborn than he is.  ((insert my husband snorting here at the mention of me being stubborn)).

8.  i always go in and check on each of the kids before heading to bed myself.  it’s usually pretty late and i like to make sure they have their covers on.  i start at the end of the hall and work my way back, tiptoeing into each room.  but that has changed….here recently, every time i go in to check on ty, he bolts up, bent at the waist and busts out a big eyed karate chop stance.  nice huh?  he scares the bajeebies out of me every time, even though i know it’s coming.  crazy kid.  at 11, if he’s uncovered, he can figure it out, cause he’s gonna give me a heart attack if i keep going in there.

9.  i have a secret.

10. i am not pregnant.  just sayin.