I finally got smart and taped it to my lens hood…





uh oh…I don’t think I can resist this (could you?!?!) … might be time to pay up =)




A couple of funnies….

Last night she managed to swipe Ty’s pencil off the table as he was doing his homework.  When he snatched it out of her hand (even though we’ve asked him 50 times or more to ask her for things nicely to be a good example!) she scowled at him, stuck out that bottom lip and said "humph, you mean!". 

And first thing this morning Ty was calling her name from across the house, after he called her several times she still didn’t respond.  He calls her again and she gets all frustrated and says "whhhhhhhhat!?!"  Like, jeesh, WHAT do you want?!?  hehehe, he’s getting a dose of his own medicine!!  Come to think of it, so is she!!  LOL

Summer sure is going to be interesting with both of them at home all the time!