Sometimes I have the urge to post something because it makes me happy, and for no other reason.  So if you stopped in to see some good technical photographs, sorry, this may not be the post =)  But she does make me happy, very happy.

Last week it stormed here, this tells me summer is coming, afternoon thunderstorms, like clockwork, visit us in the summertime.  Well, our dog Kylie is a woosie.  As the thunder rolled in I could hear her scratching at the back door so I told Taryn "let’s go get Kylie, she’s scared".  Wroooooong thing to say!  From that point on, all day long, everytime Taryn heard thunder she’d dive into my lap and say "rain rain mommy, I scared I scared".  It was really cute the first 10 or 15 times.

Fast forward to today, I decided to give her a bath this morning after breakfast because she had really, really bad bed head.  The worst I’ve seen yet.  I dug out the camera and decided to take a few pics while she was in the tub.  Of course, this is a treat for me, Jason usually gives her a bath every night, it’s their time together, so she kept asking for Daddy.  And I wasn’t doing anything the right way, the way Daddy does it, so she was fussing at me.  I’m sure it didn’t help that I was torturing her with my camera too.  I took the washcloth and laid it over her head, soaking wet, letting it drip all down her face, thinking it would distract her.  It did, big time!  She laughed and laughed and kept saying "it rain rain mommy, it rain rain!"

This is the moment….I love this kid….she makes me smile.