His team won their final game of the season tonight!!!!.  His final game at Wiley.  In fact, his team has not lost one single solitary game in the middle school careers.  That’s pretty huge around here.  7th and 8th grade are allowed to play in middle school….undefeated last year and this year.  So these kids have not experienced a single loss.  While I think losing can build character, I also think it’s a pretty amazing feat for these kids as they have worked so hard.  What a huge accomplishment!  I’m very proud of him and the rest of his team.  Way to go Coyotes!!!!  And just like that, we get our evenings back from practices and games.  I’ll miss it though.  I love going to the games, cheering in the stands and watching him play.  Next year, high school, Rouse Raiders!  Crazy!!