We had a few things working against us tonight, like the fact that when we showed up to the location is was *dark* thanks to some big black clouds.  And very windy.  And little was passed out in the car, exhausted.  Oh, and I just so happened to bust it mid session, ouch!  Thankfully, my clients rock and everyone over 3 refrained from laughing 😉  Despite our challenges, everything came together.  We just went with it, had fun and as it turns out, this is one of those sessions I couldn’t wait to fly home and download.  I love love love so many of them already!  This is the 3rd year I’ve gotten to photograph this family and I just adore them.  Little is so big now, very tall!  If you want to go on a little walk down memory lane, you can check him out at one and two.  Three, wow, time flies!