Aug 19, 2007
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Just a few tiny details from yesterday….



And one very pretty, very proud, big sister!


  • Nia

    How beautiful!! What genders are the triplets?

    We had someone to come through the current house we are moving out of, to see if they want to rent it. The lady could barely focus on the house b/c she was so intrigued by the pictures you took of Jayden!! LOL!

  • Marci

    These are so touching. And what a proud big sister. Love them as always.

  • Erin

    That last picture is just adorable:)

  • Heather

    I just love baby feet. She looks so happy to be a big sister!

  • I love the feet shot and the hands shot is absolutely precious and perfect in every way. I keep looking at it thinking why it never occured to me to get that angle. I always try to get the shot of baby’s hand wrapped around a finger, but this one speaks tons about the baby’s size and his fragility (is that a word?) Anyway, thanks for sharing and inspiring as usual. 🙂