Look what I found, a little hidden treasure on my CF card.


I snapped a few of Taryn blowing bubbles with my mom the other day after the baby bed mini shoot I posted below. But then I didn’t go back to them because I got busy with client proofing. I love the look of wonder on her face. Her world is huge, wonderful and fascinating, yet still so small in many ways. I love that about her. I love seeing something new in her eyes, the joy and wonder it brings. This is just so her right now, about 10 times a day she runs into her room and hollers “bu-bl bu-bl” and points to them up on the shelf….it’s so cute, she gets so excited! Somehow she usually manages to convince my mom to let her blow the bubbles, which results in Gee Gee getting soaked with bubble solution, hehehe.

I have thoroughly enjoyed capturing her over the last month, I feel like we’re turning a corner together, entering a new phase of exploration and ways to capture her world and dare I say it…..with a little more cooperation.