Taryn woke up WIRED yesterday, I don’t have any idea what caused it, but she was ON allllll day long, full force. She had me cracking up most of the day, I was either laughing or trying to keep up with her LOL.

I decided that if little miss personality was going to be in full force, I should capture it, so I dug out one of Taryn’s pillow case dresses to do a mini shoot. I wanted to try and catch her playing with her new baby doll bed. She loves it and keeps telling us to “ssssshhhhhhh” every time she puts her baby in the cradle.

I had to convert everything to black and white because she still has a bad sunburn and the fact that her dress was pink made it even worse. I tried to even it out but it still looks kind of blotchy in a few areas. I’m loving the light black and white though, I was on a dark b&w kick for a long time, now I’m off to the other extreme! Go figure?!

Of course my favorite one out of those I took didn’t involve the baby bed, oh well…..here are a few….



This cracks me up – maybe her baby isn’t cooperating (KARMA LITTLE T – KARMA! HAHA)…



And I’ll end with this, my favorite!….apparently I wasn’t “ssssshhhhh’ing” enough LOL!!