These boys, this family, just when I think they cannot steal my heart any more, they do.  Their love for one another is so big, so tangible, it’s like it is standing in the room with you.  The laughter and the questions…I probably answer a few hundred question per session, these boys are curious!  I’ve photographed them for quite a few years now, we first met when I volunteered to do some charity work for them.  It was a fundraiser with Mack and Sally Brown at UT to raise money for Cure Duchenne.  Both of their sweet boys have Duchenne MD.  Timothy is walking, that’s a miracle at his age, praise God.  Walking and dancing, they showed me their dance moves during their session this year, so fun!  I hope you’ll join in with me and make a donation to Cure Duchenne this holiday season.  We must continue to support, continue to pray, continue to hope.  Revell family, we love you, we are praying for you and we are so blessed to know you.