The arms.  The arms and rubber band wrists are killing me.  This little guy is exactly 100 days old today.  And he rounds out the very end of my shooting schedule for 2014!  It makes my neurotic side a little edgy that I’m finishing this year at 99 sessions.  How could would it have been to photograph this little guy on his 100th day of life AND have him be my 100th session.  I’m such a numbers person, and neurotic….it was only 1 off!  Gah!  It was an amazing year for me professionally, we were so blessed that our business grew by almost 40%!  I’m so excited to have met so many wonderful new clients this year and caught up with clients I’ve been photographing for years.  And while shooting is done, I still  have a handful to edit, but the end of 2014 is near and busy season is coming to a close.  I have a good 2 weeks off before our homeschool year starts up again and I will be enjoying every single second of that time with my kiddos!

And thank you to this sweet family, for sharing your baby boy with me on his 100th day of life, he’s just the sweetest!