Jason’s office was moving this week so he stayed home from work today.  By 9:17 am he’d determined that going to work, was indeed, less work than trying to keep up with me and Little T.  LOL  We had a blast, we took Taryn to the park to play, saw an amazingly huge pelican fly right over us near the water, and then had lunch at the train station.  Burgers, yum.  Only thing missing was Ty, 4 days and counting.

Love hurts.  She loves lemons out of our tea when we eat out.  Has since last summer.  I’m not too sure they love her back πŸ˜‰


A little doggie love.  See the grey hair?  It’s gotten worse in the last 668 days since Taryn arrived.  See the long one over her right eye, just under the t in my watermark?  Yup, that sucker has Taryn written allllllll over it!  LOL  Taryn looooooooves Kyweee (Kylie to me and you).


Macro love.  Sometimes mistakes are more interesting than the intention.


Tomorrow is my last day.  4 families total….going out with a bang!