This little guy is several months old now, but I still wanted to come and share all the wonderful moments that were captured on his birth day.  His mom and dad had planned on a home birth but their little guy had other plans and decided to hang out right side up right until the end.  Amber did everything she could to get him to flip around, it brought back so many memories of my own breech little stubborn baby 😉  They rolled with everything that was thrown at them and embraced the c-section with a smile knowing they did everything they could do to safely turn him and more than anything were super excited to meet their new son.  I also have to mention that this dad ROCKED the camera in the OR.  I wasn’t allowed to go back but he did an amazing job.  I must confess that I’m always a little excited and anxious to see what comes back on the card and what I’ll have to work with when it is all said and done and I was so pleasantly surprised with everything he captured!  He took some of the shots from inside the nursery as well. I have quite a few faves from this birth, but at the top of the list are the moment that the family sees the baby for the first time and there is one shot where Amber’s dad is standing at the nursery window, he turned to look at me and had a tear in his eye.  I’m not sure if you can see it in this small slideshow version but it was such a wonderful moment filled with so much joy.  There were many that day….