I am so, so excited to share this birth.  Capturing births is one of my favorite parts of my job.  Each one is special and Izzy’s birth was no exception. A huge thank you to the family for allowing me to share their birth experience.  ((my clients always have a choice in deciding if they are comfortable sharing or not, 100% their decision))

Click Here:  The Birth of Izzy

This family was filled with so much love, so much laughter, it was so cool to capture so many little moments.  They were surrounded by siblings grandparents and family.  I hope I’ve done them justice.  A few favorites…..

  • Izzy’s gender and name were a secret.  Izzy was named after her paternal grandmother and I absolutely love the images captured of her hearing the news for the first time.
  • Big brother is sooooooo cute.  I had a hard time stopping myself from pulling him aside for a quick little mini session right then and there at the hospital 😉  I loved his expressions of wonder at his new baby sister.  Him looking through the nursery glass is an all time favorite of mine.
  • Dad took the bath pics at the end, and did a great job too!
  • Being around this family totally makes me wish I had sisters.  Jessica and her two sisters are so close and I love the images of them together.
  • Oh, and dad wasn’t in the room at the beginning because he took a quick trip to the ER once getting Jessica settled.  I felt so bad for him, he had an allergic reaction to something and was such a trooper about it.  As soon as he got back to the room they went for a walk in the hall to get labor moving and her water broke.  Good timing!
  • I wish you could hear all the chat, and the laughter and fun this family was having.  C’moooooon Baby!
  • The staff, doctor and nurses were so incredibly awesome during Izzy’s birth.  They did every single thing they could to embrace the birth experience the parents wanted.  This was an attempted VBAC turned C-Section and I was so impressed with the staff.  They also did everything they could to make my job easier.  Very cool.

Jessica, your kind words about my being at Izzy’s birth brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you & John for allowing me to be there to capture Izzy’s first moments!


If you are interested in having your birth experience photographed, contact me soon, I only have a few spots left for 2009!  You can see more samples of my work here.


And with that, I am off to bed so I can rise and shine early in the morning to go capture yet another beautiful little girl’s birth.  Clients I’ll be out of pocket for a bit but will return emails and voicemail when I get home.

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