1.  Alli, I win.  Booooo-ya!

(((my friend Alli and I had a bet on what Teagan’s first sentence would be.  She thought it would be “back off chic” and I thought it would be “give me that back”…..both directed at Taryn.  Yesterday I took his pacifier and held it out for him to follow me in to his room to go down for his nap.  He looked right at me and said “gimmedat”.  Jase and I couldn’t believe it!  Yeah, it wasn’t directed at Taryn, but close enough, I win!  ha!)))

2.  We’ve considered getting rid of our TV.  Well, not the TV, the cable service.  For one year.  Just to try it.  When we told Ty his face went white and you could see the look of hope on his face that we were kidding.  We just don’t use it a lot, I pretty much only watch Grey’s and DVR it.  Jase has a few shows that he DVR’s.  Taryn has a few shows on DVR, Veggie Tales and Dora and that is about it.  I fear I would miss the news and weather channel, but we can get that streaming online.  I don’t know if we’ll do it, but we are thinking about it.

3.  Speaking of Dora, we are fading her out because of this.  Seriously, if they give Dora boobs, I’m writing a letter.  Why does Dora have to go explore the mall and turn in to a fashionista?  Why can’t she use her brain and skills to do something more productive?  I love retail therapy, but come on Nickelodeon, don’t compromise a preschool character for a few bucks.  Why does it have to become about the way she looks and what she wears instead of what she knows and what she does??  And since when do characters grow up anyway?  It’s just wrong.

4.  My husband woke me up yesterday morning by gently opening the blinds on our window by the bed.  I opened my eyes and without even moving saw the most beautiful pink filled sunrise.  Thanks honey, it was a wonderful way to wake up.

5.  These girls make me smile….

If you didn’t know better, you’d think they are sisters huh?

6.  Ty is taking the math TAKS today.  He always gets nervous.  I’m thinking of him and hoping he’s doing well.

7.  We found a great bluebonnet field.  I need to get the kids out there asap as they have been mowing that area.  I saw the mower out there again today and my heart sank.  Must go before I miss them.  We went once but missed the good light and I just know I’m going to be so mad at myself if I don’t catch a few this year.

8.  We got some good news at Teagan’s doctor appointment yesterday morning.  I am so thankful for that.  We’ve been having lots of tests done and have seen an audiologist several times.  The first few tests showed some loss of hearing in both ears.  As you can imagine, it is difficult to accurately evaluate the hearing of an almost 14 month old, so we have been spending our fair share of time in sound proof booths doing tests.  I’m kind of tired of that pink elephant playing drums in the box, but he digs it.  He did well yesterday, the audiologist we got this time was so patient and kind.  We waited until the end to do the painful part and he did ok at the beginning but then totally freaked out midway through.  I know it hurt and I felt so bad for him.  While we know he’s had a loss, the round of tests today showed him at the very bottom of normal.  Not where we want it to be, but it’s right there next to normal and an improvement to the results we have been getting.  This momma will take that improvement with a smile.

9.  What should we have for dinner tonight?  Any ideas or good recipes you’ve tried lately?  We’re in a rut of eating the same things week to week.  We need something new!  Ideas??

10.  Thank you for all your warm comments regarding Alex and his family, they truly are wonderful people.

Happy Tuesday everyone!