I thought we’d kick this long weekend off right with a little friday funny…..

Little dude got into my basket of props, hats and blankets I use for sessions when I neglected to put it away after work this week.  It landed by the front door and never made it past the foyer.  Later on, after a few minutes of quiet, I went looking for him.  He even managed to get one of the baby hats on his head, he loves hats, but he stretched it out with his big old head.  In the second shot he’s pulling on the tassel….resulting in the 3rd shot which totally cracks me up.  Funny baby toddler.  He’s doing awesome in his toddler bed, so far, no issues ((knock on wood)).  He loves it that he can get up and come find me when his nap is over with, in fact, as soon as he sees me he lets out a loud “HA!!”

I have so much to blog about, so many sessions to share, and lots going on at our house.  I’ve been running the kids around every which direction.  Every other spare moment I’ve had my nose in my laptop and proofing away like a mad woman in an attempt to catch up.  I’ll be back so share lots very soon.

Crazy weekend ahead filled with fun, bbq’s, fireworks, birthdays (mine, yikes!) and even the much anticipated birth of Teagan’s new best friend any moment.  Cannot wait!!!