After only having one photo of me pregnant with Teagan Jude, I tried to do better this pregnancy.  I didn’t break out the good camera to take belly pics, my iphone was just easier.  They aren’t great pics, but they are good enough and document that I was in fact pregnant and growing!  This pregnancy has been so different in so many ways.  The biggest thing (outside of not being sick once instead of the entire 9 months) was not having a lot of weight gain.  I gained 60 lbs with each of the other kids during pregnancy.  This time, not even a quarter of that.  That has made things so much easier.  It’s been hard to watch my body change after working so hard over the last 2 plus years to lose weight, detox and be healthy.  Detoxing was definitely put on hold and we focused on a healthy, super nourishing nutrient dense diet for Jonah and I.  I both lost and gained throughout pregnancy and have tried to just be as healthy as possible for both our sakes.  I am anxious to have my body back.  I feel huge and cumbersome right now.  I’m ready to be able to move and workout with intensity again.  It has definitely helped me that both the kids and my husband have embraced the belly.  Quite literally.  They snuggle up to Jonah, love on him and me in the process.  At least once a day, Jase will palm the belly and marvel “it’s soooo amazing your body can do that…”.  I love it.  It IS amazing isn’t it?!  I can grow this whole entire person and not even have to think about it.  So crappy iphone pics and all, a little belly progression from around 16 weeks to my current state as of last week at 40 weeks plus.  Oh, and I’ll be back with *real* maternity photos taken by my awesome friend Sara soon!