My dear friend Sara of Alexander and The Kid Photography was kind enough to take a few maternity photos for us.  I really regretted not getting photos taken when I was pregnant with Jude.  I have one.  And as hard as it is for me to get in front of the camera and on the other side of the lens, especially with a growing and changing body, I’m so glad we did this.  Thank you, Sara, for the beautiful memories.

ps – Ty isn’t mysteriously missing from these photos.  This was an early morning session and I’m sure you can imagine early mornings and 15 year old boys don’t mix that well.  And neither is posing with your mom’s pregnant belly.  I guess I’m a bit embarrassing at this point.  Kind of like a walking advertisement that….gasp…Ty’s parents had sex LOL!  I will admit I threatened to get a shirt that says that.  He promised to participate in our newborn sessions and I’m happy with that.