I decided to sort through and search for some photos of my kids at their births today.  Man, each feels like yesterday but it simply couldn’t have been.

I have limited photos of Ty thanks to hurricane katrina, but this has always been my favorite.  Forgive the weird frame and text, this is the only digital version I have on my computer.  His birth was amazing and SO much fun.

And Taryn, oh Ms. Taryn.  She told us a lot about herself on the day she was born.  Slow to warm and spunky….23.5 hours of labor.  I remember Ty being so excited.  He had waited 8 years for a sibling and it was finally time.  He kept a journal of everything that happened that day, all 23.5 hours worth.  And when it was time for her to arrive he paced the hallway like a little old man in waiting.

Teagan Jude’s birth experience was a bit crazier than the others.  The birth itself was good, but afterwards he went to the NICU.  It was overwhelming and difficult but we were overjoyed to bring him home a few days later.  He was the sweetest and easiest baby, a snuggle bug from day 1.

I can’t help but look at these photos and wonder who Jonah will resemble.  Or if he will resemble one of them at all.  They all 3 look so different to me.  Throughout our adventures in trying to get Jonah to flip from breech to head down in the 3rd trimester we had a few 30 second ultrasounds to check presentation.  I purposefully didn’t look because I want to see his sweet face looking up at me for the first time as he’s placed on my chest.  I keep envisioning that moment in my mind and the anticipation is killing me!