I get asked a lot if my kids are easy to photograph and how I get them to cooperate. My answer is always NO and I DON’T! LOL I just get lucky sometimes and catch them between moments πŸ™‚ Lately I have had a tendancy to only post one or two pics per post and it’s usually just my favorite. But I figured since I haven’t posted much this week, I would post every shot from my 5 minute photo shoot with Ty right before I left for the gym today. Plus these will prove my kids are not easy or cooperative!! He was NOT cooperative to say the least, I had to bribe, fuss and basically force him to sit in front of the camera. The only smile I got was because I accidently stepped in dog poo….all 9 year old boys think poo is funny. You know what though? I love the serious ones too. A smile is but one emotion, and as a photographer and more importantly, his mom, it’s my job to capture a range of emotions. And as annoyed as I was during those 5 minutes, I am loving the shots I got…..but ssssshhhhhhh…..don’t tell him that uncooperative turned out cute!

My favorite…do you think it’s canvas worthy? I’ve been procrastinating buying a few but I’m not sure what to order??














This is the real Ty, funny, loud, chatty, silly and all boy.

ETA: Ugh, some of those posted really red and saturated, I’m still getting used to saving things in CS2, but I’m too lazy (read: tired it’s 2 am!) to repost them, sorry!