Sorry for the lack of photo posts lately. I haven’t had my camera out much. Things have been crazy busy at our house. In addition to Jason spending lots of time on homework, getting letters and new pricing brochures out to all my clients, having plenty of sessions to proof, all this LRA stuff (we got our paperwork! yay!), Ty being busy with school and I’m getting used to a new workout schedule and a different Mommy & Me class. Taryn has just been a complete handfull. I swear I looked at her yesterday and realized that she’s not a baby anymore. She’s talking SO much, she’s a little parrot. It’s at least 2-3 new words per day now and her phrases crack me up. She’s started saying “WOW!!!!” at everything that slightly interests her. And “I fall down” and “I want _____” except she has a hard time vocalizing what she wants the blank to be, so it’s usually a process to figure it out LOL.

And the climbing….oh good Lord the climbing….she’s a little freaking monkey! She climbs on everything! Yesterday, she was standing on top of the toy box, today, I turned my back for two seconds, literally, walked to the pantry in the kitchen today and turned around, she was on top of the dining room table on her hands and knees sporting a big fat grin on her face. My stomach flipped and I’ve never ran so hard to get to her quickly.

Did I mention our house has been crazy this week? And I haven’t even told my post office story yet! I had to mail out letters to my clients with my new brochures. Jason usually takes my stuff to the post office because there is one in his building, but he forgot them on the counter so I packed up Taryn and off we go to the post office. After a long line and a squirmy toddler, I get up to the counter and my postage was all wrong. I now have to add postage to every letter in a big stack, so I have Taryn in one arm, and I’m wrestling her to keep her away from the stamps (aka stickers) and the pen on the chain at the counter. The letters are going everywhere as she fights to get to them, my keys go flying, and my purse lands on the floor. Then the guy behind the counter spots me and offers Taryn a sucker, she’s never had one before but I figured what the heck, it will keep her busy so I can get done and get out. This is one of those moments you wonder later on what the heck you were thinking. When you add a sucker to the chaos, it gets ugly. Within seconds I had bubblegum drool all down my shirt, sucker on my face “look mommy look” then straight into my hair. I’m just positive that everyone else in the long line either hated me (the ones who don’t have children) or are laughing at me (the ones who do). We were a spectacle.