Since our last update on the rebuilding of our house and LRA grant application, not much has happened. We’re still waiting. We’re getting good at waiting. We haven’t done any work on the house because we’re waiting on the money. Well, that’s not exactly true, Jason painted the laundry room and hung up cabinets in there. He also painted a few window sills, but that’s it.

We did get a telephone call from the title company that will handle the closing for the grant program, they needed a loan number from us, so at least we know things are moving along. This is good. It makes us anxious. We’re ready. To finish the house, to get out from under the massive amount of debt that gotten us this far in the rebuild. We’re ready to breath a sigh of relief each month when two of our three mortgages are gone. We’re ready to get this place done, sell it and move on. We need to enter a new phase of our life, this one is dragging on.

So last night I had a dream that I got a package in the mail. I thought it was photos from the lab so I put it in the Explorer and went on my way. A day later I opened it up to discover that it was a check from the LRA, but it was a huge “The Price Is Right” style check with our names one it. LOL. We’re ready and waiting….and anxious.