that I introduce a showcase of the results of Ty’s first photography lesson. After covering the basics, he was responsible for the Nikon D50 and asked for very little instruction when actually shooting. I helped out with a little post processing, but not much, cropping, sharpening them for web, etc, but the exposure, aperature / depth of focus, angles and composition are all his. I sure wish I knew this much about photography when I was 9 🙂 And if I do say so myself (mommy goggles included)….he rocks!

drumroll please………

Photography by Ty



















  • Wow! He sure has an eye for it! I love the watermark you did too!

  • Nice Work, Ty! I am really impressed with how many creative shots you got! My favorites are 1) the B&W with the sun coming thru the clouds
    2) The red & blue stacked boats, and
    3) The pink camellia (I would love this one printed and framed – hint hint!!) and
    4) the bare tree limbs against the blue sky!

    It looks like you’re on the way to becoming a part of the “family business”! Great job!

  • Also ——– LOVE THE LOGO!!

  • Way to go TY!!! I think you got the photography gene. 😉 You have some awesome captures here!

  • I am SOOOO impressed! Those are fantastic. I love the watermark too!

  • WOW! These are great! Seems he has a good eye. Love the watermark!

  • Amazing! Great eye for shots.

    I think you might have an apprentice in your house!

  • WOW! Found this link through ILP and I’m SO glad I did. Ty’s work is awesome and I’ll surely be back to view your blog again.

    I recognized the scenery all too well . . . from one Katrina victim to another, hope you are doing well.

  • Lyndsay,
    I follow your blog because your work inspires me. But Ty’s work – wow – it is truly amazing! I think I have found a new inspiration, as I am working on learning my D50 while trying to capture my 11 mo. old daughter. He is something else! And I think you may have found a new business partner! I can’t wait to see some more of his work! Thanks for sharing!

  • Lauren Selker

    Ty did great! He really had a good eye for photography! I can’t believe these were taken by a 9 year old! That is astonishing!

    Great job Ty, I look forawrd to seeing more of your work on here! You’ll be a paid professional in no time!

  • ummmmmm, you’re KIDDING ME, right? He’s AWESOME!!!!! Wow, way to go, Ty! Would you mind mentioning to him that I’m looking for a mentor if he has the time! LOVE that logo, too, Lyndsay!

  • WOW! Ty your work is wonderful!

  • Love his watermark – what a clever idea!!!

    Ty, you have a great eye for the subject… I wish I had of started learning when you did… did you enjoy shooting?

  • Awesome work! I can only hope that I’ll be this good someday!

  • First of all – his logo rocks – I love it ..
    These are awsome .. your little man is turning into a you!
    Great job!!