I can finally post this since all the mama’s in our family have opened their gifts! I made 10×10 press printed books and absoltely love how they came out!

You can view the pages here :

ABC Book Slideshow

I used Tina’s awesome ABC Templates, all her designs seriously rock!  You can get them here: 

My Lil Creations

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!  Mine was fabulous!  I got to sleep in on Saturday, saw an awesome sunset, had homemade (by the hubster) french toast on Sunday, cards and flowers from the kids (macro shots coming) and Willow Tree mother statues.  I didn’t have to cook a single meal or change a single diaper all day yesterday!  So nice to have a break!  Ty and I even got to slip away for awhile and do a little shooting.

And thank you to everyone who contacted me about the Mothers Day Slideshow posted below!  It was so amazing to hear from so many of you!  All the emails and phone calls mean so much!  And I must confess, I’m thrilled a few of you shed a few happy tears!  It really warmed my heart to see so many amazing mothers all together!  Moms rock!