Tomorrow is a big day.

Most of you will recognize this sweet family and my friend Timmy.  Each fall I make sure this beautiful family is on my schedule.  Each fall they try so hard to pay me and each fall I refuse.  They deserve photos.  They need them.  You might think that’s a selfless thing for me to do.  It’s not really.  I get SO much enjoyment and inspiration out of this family, I get a glimpse at the beautiful way they parent, the way they love with all their hearts, the way they embrace each day and moment as the gift that it is.  My time with them each fall helps to ground me, remind me of what is important, after a crazy busy holiday season rush.  No, it’s not selfless, it’s selfish.  I’m honored to know them and get to capture them each year.  The boys have grown so much since I first met them.  Timmy participated in  a trial this year and I have to say, he looks so great.  And of course this family is throwing themselves in to finding a cure for Duchenne.  They are working so hard for Timmy and all the little boys with Duchenne everywhere.  In fact, tomorrow is a big day!  Tomorrow Tim with run his 7th Austin Marathon tomorrow for all boys with Duchenne.  He’s raising money for his cause and if you are inclined, I’d love it if you would DONATE HERE.  Tim was also recently featured in  RunTex, you can read that article here.

And a few other things on the CureDuchenne homefront that Tim recently shared with me:

  • CureDuchenne ended up winning the Cadillac challenge and now they will be receiving coverage in 4 major Texas markets, promoting a Text for the Cure Campaign.  Locally Tim was able to record an announcement about the 3rd annual Champions to CureDuchenne event on April 27th, 2012 at the UT Golf club.  The announcement should air the last couple weeks of February on KVUE 24/3.  So keep an eye out for the ad promoting the event this month.
  • Mack Brown was able to record a PSA again this year for the event and I believe these will be airing through Time Warner this year in March and April.   Please also keep an eye out for his PSA and share with your friends as well.
  • Recently Tim was selected to participate in a consumer review committee that is reviewing 26 new research projects that could lead to treatments or therapies for Duchenne boys everywhere.  It has been exciting and thrilling for him to see the amount of effort researchers are putting toward this disease.  The Dept. of Defense is funding $4Million dollars toward the top projects that are selected at the end of the review.  While the projects are promising, they could use about $22Million more dollars to fund them all.   Therefore, please keep praying for the dollars to appear in order to promote these cutting edge treatment into the trials that will ultimately extend the lives of our boys!

Every single dollar counts.  Please consider supporting Tim and CureDuchenne here!  I’m sorry I can’t be there tomorrow Tim, we are definitely cheering you on!

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I want to live.

Laura and Tim are in the fight of their lives.  Every day.  They are fighting to save their son.  Working, looking, praying for a cure for Duchenne.  Sadly, there are thousands of other families, just like them, who have a son with Duchenne, fighting the same battle.  They are fighting time.  And my heart aches for them.

Duchenne is fatal.

There is no cure.

But there is hope.

I knew from the moment I was asked to photograph this family that they would change me.  I knew I’d learn a lot about Duchenne, something I knew very little about.  I knew I’d come home and hug my children tighter, appreciate the smaller moments a little more.  I knew I’d cry proofing their photos.  More than anything, I hoped I’d be able to give them something they can cherish.  There were several goals in our time together, first to photograph them with Mack & Sally Brown (who are hosting the Dealing for Duchenne fundraiser) for photos to be used on the invitations and at the event that will take place this spring.  I later visited the family in their home to get some photos of their everyday life and casual moments.  All in all, there are over 300 proofs and several slideshows serving several different purposes.  I thought I’d share a few of them here as well….

Slideshow #1:  I Want To Live


Slideshow #2 Chance For A Lifetime
[featuring music by Catchpenny Band]

Dealing for Duchenne is a casino event so we had some fun with playing cards.  Let’s just say that MC and I did 52 pickup a few times 😉

Funny story, as you can imagine, there are security measures involved in going out onto the field.  We were out there quite awhile and when it was time to head back inside we discovered we’d been locked in.  So while we waited to be released I stole a few moments away with just Tim and Laura.  I’m so glad I did, these are faves!

While I was capturing the top 2 shots, MC caught the bottom two, which I absolutely love.  Moments for just Mom and Dad are few and far between but this is just about the sweetest “interruption” I’ve ever seen.  High 5 MC!

And a few shots from the session at their home….

I can hear the little boy belly laughs….can you?

I know that wonderful things will happen as a result of this event and I am so very proud to be a small little part of it.

Do you want to help Timmy and thousands of little boys like him?  Find out more: www.cureduchenne.orgWhat is Duchenne?

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