Quote of the Day

While baking cookies this morning….

Taryn:  Mommy, can I eat this?  ((pointing to cookie dough))
Me:  No, T, we have to cook it first.
Taryn:  Just one little taste?
Me:  Nope.
Taryn:  I just want to lick it Mommy?
Me:  Nope, we have to cook it first.
Taryn:  Mommy, I want to tell you sumthin
Me:  What’s that?
Taryn:  Mommy, I want to be by myself with these cookies.

HAHA!  Not even kid, but nice try!!

I noticed the pretty light outside before dinner was ready.  I told myself that if it was still that pretty after we ate, I’d go out for a few shots.  We missed the best of it, the light was just dancing off the tall grass in the field down the street, so pretty, blowing in the wind.  But after we ate I took T out for a little walk and we caught the last little bit of light…have to go earlier next time.  I still love these though…




and I had to do at least one black and white…


I’m off to kick my dear, sweet husband’s butt in Wii Boxing….wish me luck….better yet, wish him luck 😉

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I see sumthin!

So I packed up the kids and headed out to the grocery store this morning.  Only in rushing out the house, I forgot to check to be sure the sling was in the car.  I usually wear Teagan and put Taryn in the cart.  It wasn’t and I couldn’t fit both Teagan’s carseat and Taryn in the cart, so T got to walk.  This is a special treat, usually only one daddy is crazy brave patient enough to hand out.  For some reason, walking through the grocery store is sooooo exciting and makes everything exasperated.  Mom, look at this!  Mom, lets go this way!  Mom, Mom I see sumthin!!  Ha, that "sumthin" ranges from Dora snackpacks, bananas, cupcake liners, a can of green beans, to toilet paper.

As we’re making our way through the produce department, she runs up to the big stack of potatoes, stops in her tracks, points with all her might, and with huge eyes yells in her loudest outside voice….."WHOA, MOM, THATS THE BIGGEST PEANUT I EVER SAW!"  LOL!  She got quite a few laughs, a few as far away as the seafood counter and the bakery.  Funny girl.

And yeah, we eat potatoes at our house, so she knows what they are.  She usually helps me wash them.  I guess just everything is new when you actually get to walk through the grocery store!  =)  Gosh I love this age, she totally cracks me up daily.

My silly, funny girl…


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Quote of the Day

HEB checkout clerk to Jason:

"Sir, are you interested in any of our "wow" items on sale today, we’re offering hair gel?"

Bwahahaha….I know they have to ask, it’s part of their job, but that poor clerk.  I’m still laughing.  Hard.

Thanks for all the great comments on the bluebonnet pics…many more to come but I have to finish up a few other things first =)

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Quote of the day…

While eating lunch today….

Taryn:  Mommy, did Teagan steal your heart?
Mommy:  Yes T, he did.
Taryn:  He should share.  Want me to tell him to give it back?
Mommy:  No baby, my heart is just fine where it is.
Taryn:  Oh, ok.



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Quote(s) of the Day

Ok, so they weren’t spoken today, but I’ve been meaning to post them and keep forgetting….

Here is Ty’s…..

Me:  Ty, you are pretty glad this baby is a boy huh?
Ty:  Mom, you have noooooooo idea, I was just praying to the heavens above it would be a boy.  I love Taryn and all, but she’s such a giiiiiiiiiirrrrrllllll.

And two from Little T…..

As Jason was leaving for work yesterday morning, Taryn was in the living room and flips this over her shoulder:  "Now Daddy, you be a good boy at work today."  Of course that resulted in him coming back in for even more hugs and kisses bye.

When my mom was here at Christmas, she was in the bathroom getting ready for the day.  Taryn walked in and saw my mom and giggled…."Gee Gee, you so funny, you dressed up like a giraffe!!"  Hehe….here is what she was wearing 😉

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