While baking cookies this morning….

Taryn:  Mommy, can I eat this?  ((pointing to cookie dough))
Me:  No, T, we have to cook it first.
Taryn:  Just one little taste?
Me:  Nope.
Taryn:  I just want to lick it Mommy?
Me:  Nope, we have to cook it first.
Taryn:  Mommy, I want to tell you sumthin
Me:  What’s that?
Taryn:  Mommy, I want to be by myself with these cookies.

HAHA!  Not even kid, but nice try!!

I noticed the pretty light outside before dinner was ready.  I told myself that if it was still that pretty after we ate, I’d go out for a few shots.  We missed the best of it, the light was just dancing off the tall grass in the field down the street, so pretty, blowing in the wind.  But after we ate I took T out for a little walk and we caught the last little bit of light…have to go earlier next time.  I still love these though…




and I had to do at least one black and white…


I’m off to kick my dear, sweet husband’s butt in Wii Boxing….wish me luck….better yet, wish him luck πŸ˜‰