Ok, so they weren’t spoken today, but I’ve been meaning to post them and keep forgetting….

Here is Ty’s…..

Me:  Ty, you are pretty glad this baby is a boy huh?
Ty:  Mom, you have noooooooo idea, I was just praying to the heavens above it would be a boy.  I love Taryn and all, but she’s such a giiiiiiiiiirrrrrllllll.

And two from Little T…..

As Jason was leaving for work yesterday morning, Taryn was in the living room and flips this over her shoulder:  "Now Daddy, you be a good boy at work today."  Of course that resulted in him coming back in for even more hugs and kisses bye.

When my mom was here at Christmas, she was in the bathroom getting ready for the day.  Taryn walked in and saw my mom and giggled…."Gee Gee, you so funny, you dressed up like a giraffe!!"  Hehe….here is what she was wearing 😉