ice ice baby

i’ll resist the urge to bust out in vanilla ice right now….you’re welcome!  ha!

we woke up to ice this morning, not something that happens every day down here.  all the schools started 2 hours late to give the sun some time to work it’s magic and melt the ice.

i’m a bit embarassed to post these because i know there are a few A-MAZING macro photogs that frequent this blog.  a macro photographer, i am not.  i just haven’t gotten it, probably because i refuse to use my tripod.  well, that and the fact that i went outside this morning in yoga pants, a t-shirt and my slippers….uncontrollable shivers and macro don’t exactly mix lol.  ty took mercy on me after a few minutes and grabbed my coat thankfully.  and it was fun to play…..

that last one is for my cute husband, who loves his car just a little bit too much 😉

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“dew” and a “do”

I wish I was better at macro, but the truth is, I refuse to love my tripod.  Even still, it’s fun to pretend what it would be like if I was an ant in my yard…I fell in love with the bokeh in these….dreamy.

As mentioned in my previous post, our family is having schedule struggles right now.  Poor Teagan, just when he’s ready for his morning nap and a little nursing time, it’s time to cart Little T to school.  So after a quick feeding and then a 15 minute cat nap in the car, I tear him out to bring T in to school, put him back in the car, another 15 minute catnap only to tear him out again to bring him in the house.  Not exactly restful rest huh?  Well, Thursday when we got home, he was one unhappy camper and after 45 minutes of fuss, I grabbed our picnic blanket, my camera and the little dude and I went outside.  Funny how “outside” can fix just about anything for kids, no matter how little or how big, I love that.  Normally we would sit in the front yard but I spotted a little patch of dew on the side of the house and wanted to try some macro.  Little dude and I sat on the blanket, chilled out and played.  He was more in to eating the blanket than anything else, but hey, whatever works if it means he’s not fussing.

this made me laugh….his hair do….note to self, Teagans mohawk is getting longer, always check the do before pressing the shutter 😛

boy if the title of this post was spelled differently, it could have gone in a very bad direction!  LOL!

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broke out the macro today

I didn’t have a lot of time to play but still had fun.  I wish I was better at this.  I want to be, but I’m my own worst enemy because I refuse to use the tripod.  Ah well….



The dude


He helped me a ton today by filling up A LOT of Easter eggs.  I’d love to know how much candy he ate while working though because he had quite the sugar high this evening.  Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk =)

Tomorrow, egg hunt and BBQ, 7 toddlers.  It’s gonna be crazy.  And FUN!


Happy Easter everyone!!

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full bloom

Just posting a few macros tonight as I’m crazy busy proofing sessions and working on the last edition of Ty’s school newsletter.

My agapanthas are in full bloom….took these last week. Big thanks to Anna who helped me with some crop suggestions on these! My great big hydrangea in the front yard is almost in full bloom, I can’t wait!!!




And for those who asked about the movie below….you should add the ice first, add some salt on top and then add the water, makes it super cold, super fast!! =)

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I need a pick me up.


Pink flowers are happy, right?  I need a little pick me up, I’ve had a rough couple of days.  Nothing big, just lots of little stuff that isn’t going right.  Taryn whined alllllllll day yesterday, not crying, that I can handle well, but she was just whiney.  I think she’s teething.  Jase and Ty picked at one another all evening long, you know, like brothers would…."He pinched me – NO I DIDN’T".  And our AC went out.  Little T and I got back from the grocery store and it was 84 degrees in the house.  Ugh.  I seriously can’t stand being hot, it was miserable.  All I can say is thank God for my friend Stacy, her family owns an AC business and she sent help right away.  Thanks Stacy – you rock – I’m buying lunch on Friday! 

I think what tops it off though is that Ty is having some major problems in school.  We got his mid-term grades and they are awful.  We’re having major communication problems with his teacher, but have a conference set for today after school.  I just don’t know what to do to help him.  I honestly cannot wait until this school year is over.  Homework is a battle, 5 days a week, complete with fits, bad attitude, frustration and tears.  We’ve tried everything we can think of.  If I’m being honest, I could deal with the bad grades for another 3 weeks, just to get this year over with, if my child was happy.  But he’s not happy, he’s miserable every day.  That’s not ok with me.  It kills me to see him struggle like this, but I don’t know what to do to help him.  His present classroom environment is very overwhelming and frustrating for him, that’s not something we have control over, it’s not something I can fix.  Ugh, I hope our meeting goes well today.  I just want my happy, fun, full of spirit 9 year old back.  I have a feeling that no matter what happens, once summer gets here, and this school year is overwith, he’ll be back.  At least I hope so.

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at least that is how I think it’s spelled – someone please correct me if I’m wrong! Quick break to post a few more macros from this morning….now back to work proofing for me =)





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