i’ll resist the urge to bust out in vanilla ice right now….you’re welcome!  ha!

we woke up to ice this morning, not something that happens every day down here.  all the schools started 2 hours late to give the sun some time to work it’s magic and melt the ice.

i’m a bit embarassed to post these because i know there are a few A-MAZING macro photogs that frequent this blog.  a macro photographer, i am not.  i just haven’t gotten it, probably because i refuse to use my tripod.  well, that and the fact that i went outside this morning in yoga pants, a t-shirt and my slippers….uncontrollable shivers and macro don’t exactly mix lol.  ty took mercy on me after a few minutes and grabbed my coat thankfully.  and it was fun to play…..

that last one is for my cute husband, who loves his car just a little bit too much 😉