yee haw

I woke up to the funniest sight this morning….

We are still struggling to get Taryn to stay in her bed.  We do good until about 2-3 am, when we’re just too tired and cave in and let her come sleep with us.  Well, I woke up this morning to Taryn sitting up between us, just chatting away.  I look over at Jason who is still sound asleep and he has her cowgirl hat  on!  LOL!  It had been on the nightstand, Taryn must have grabbed it and thought Jason needed some accessorizing first thing in the morning!  Oh how I wish the camera would have been within arms reach!!

The bud I photographed last week in our front bed is blooming….so I snapped a quick shot of it this morning.  Used a tripod this time and can really see a difference.


It’s gonna be a busy weekend, I have four photoshoots this weekend, all of them out of town.  Whew, I’m tired already!  But it’s gonna be a BLAST, I’ve got some really fun families to photograph, all return clients so I know the kids, love that!  Thankfully, Amy will be with me on Sunday to assist!  Thanks for stopping in and I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I’m off to go play with the little one outside, it’s GORGEOUS!

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my first macro shots

I took my new macro lens for a test drive yesterday. Little T and I dropped in to my mom’s house, she’s got a beautiful well kep yard and lots of pretty flowers. What I learned on Day 1…..I should have taken my tripod with me, I need to buy a remote for my camera and the wind is not my friend. Ok, but the sun is slightly more my friend with macro photography than portraits, so that’s good. I am a little embarrassed to post these, because well, I know they aren’t that good. But, everyone has to start somewhere and this will be a good point of reference to come back and look at as I grow and learn about the big, er, I mean little, world of macro.

First and foremost, I know I need to work on my depth of focus. An f/stop of 4.0 is very different at this close range! Most of these are just processed it raw, cropped and sharpened for web. I’m already craving better color, better focus, more detail….












Thanks for stopping in =) Check back soon, I had an awesome session yesterday with a gorgeous teenager in New Orleans and will be posting a few pics soon….

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