I wish I was better at macro, but the truth is, I refuse to love my tripod.  Even still, it’s fun to pretend what it would be like if I was an ant in my yard…I fell in love with the bokeh in these….dreamy.

As mentioned in my previous post, our family is having schedule struggles right now.  Poor Teagan, just when he’s ready for his morning nap and a little nursing time, it’s time to cart Little T to school.  So after a quick feeding and then a 15 minute cat nap in the car, I tear him out to bring T in to school, put him back in the car, another 15 minute catnap only to tear him out again to bring him in the house.  Not exactly restful rest huh?  Well, Thursday when we got home, he was one unhappy camper and after 45 minutes of fuss, I grabbed our picnic blanket, my camera and the little dude and I went outside.  Funny how “outside” can fix just about anything for kids, no matter how little or how big, I love that.  Normally we would sit in the front yard but I spotted a little patch of dew on the side of the house and wanted to try some macro.  Little dude and I sat on the blanket, chilled out and played.  He was more in to eating the blanket than anything else, but hey, whatever works if it means he’s not fussing.

this made me laugh….his hair do….note to self, Teagans mohawk is getting longer, always check the do before pressing the shutter 😛

boy if the title of this post was spelled differently, it could have gone in a very bad direction!  LOL!