flashback friday, what I didn’t know then

2 years ago….I didn’t know….

  • he’d be a huge fan of the karate chop.
  • he’d love to dance more than anyone I know.  especially at random, odd, moments that would make everyone laugh.  especially strangers.
  • he’d be capable of full, long conversations.
  • and when said conversations are constantly interrupted by a chatty older brother, he’d get frustrated and always say “Tyyyyyy, I not even talkin’ to you, I talkin’ to Maaaaama!”.
  • that he’d love ovals and octagons.
  • that it would take so long for he and taryn to find a happy place.
  • or that it would be that much sweeter when they finally did, because the road to a mutual love for one another was so curved.
  • he’d be able to hit a ball with a bat every.single.time you throw one at him.  without a tee and without teaching him.
  • and throw a football, 10 feet away, right to you, every time, with a spin.
  • that he’d do everything possible to hula hoop like his sister, but when he couldn’t figure out, he’d pick up the hula hoop and run around in the cutest big circle with the cutest big smile that I ever would see.
  • that the ultimate insult he’d ever use at the ripe old age of two would be calling someone a “stinky head”.
  • that my heart would melt daily when after naptime story, he’d roll over, say “I wonna nuggle”, grab my hand and lay his head on my chest.
  • that an automatic spiderman toothbrush could be the biggest, most thrilling, highlight of the entire day.
  • that blankie would be his best friend.  and he’d bring blankie to me throughout the day and say “here momma, you love blankie too…” bringing the stinky thing in close for a snuggle before running off declaring ownership with an “it mine!”
  • that he’d often declare, when strapped in to his carseat/stroller/shopping cart “HELP!  I stuck!!”.  and when we tell him he isn’t stuck, he’s intentionally strapped in, he’d declare us to be wrong, he “really is stuck”.
  • that swimming goggles would be a daily fashion statement.
  • that his constantly requested foods would be raspberries and “mac – e – cheese”.
  • that he’d always be first in line at the front door ready to wave goodbye.  especially when he isn’t actually the one going anywhere.

but what I really didn’t know, is how many times he’d make us smile and laugh.  he’s our chill little, happy, duder who has turned in to the family comedian.  that is no small feat in this house.  funny how I can’t remember what it was even like before he was here.  his presence and love is just that huge.

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flashback friday

Can it be a flashback if I never shared it to begin with?

The other night, I had just gotten back from taking Ty’s birthday photos and Jase and I were digging through my archives of the kids and comparing how tall Ty has gotten since we moved to Austin.  We got lost in the folders together, smiling, remembering with lots of “no way!  look how little they were!?”.  And we stumbled across this one….

The day this was taken, I didn’t blog it.  Instead I blogged this.  I never shared it because I thought I looked tired.  I WAS tired.  Teagan was 6 weeks old.  Taryn was 2.5 years old and full of spirit.  She’d decided that the sleepless newborn stage was the perfect time to potty train.  Jase had walked through the door at the end of the day and found us like this.  Exhausted, the 3 of us, Teagan sleeping in my arms in a breastmilk coma.  He made a smartass comment about having my hands full, picked up the camera and took one shot.  I kept it because I wanted to remember it, but never shared it.  I thought I looked horrible, but now, that’s exactly what I love about it!  I WAS tired.  I was a milk machine to a 6 week old going through a growth spurt.  I was frazzled from chasing a toddler who had been sick that week and just so thankful she was asleep, I didn’t even care that I was touched out from nursing every hour, she could sleep on me, just as long as she slept.  That boppy, I should have named it, we spent so much time together.  And my laptop, sitting on the edge of the couch, so me in those days.  Entertainment while nursing, shoved to the side in order to cuddle.  I was a mess then.  So were they.  I love that the exact reason I didn’t share it, is the reason I want to now.  Everything about this image makes me love that time, it flew by fast.

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flashback friday | austin baby photographer

It’s been awhile since I had a good old flashback friday.  I walk by this photo 20+ times a day hanging in the hallway leading to the kids rooms and it makes me smile every.single.time I see his sweet little face.  Back in the good old days before he became impossible to capture.  Happy weekend!

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flashback friday | austin photographer lyndsay stradtner

Since I’m on a blog posting frenzy and all, I thought I’d come do a good ole flashback friday.  I came across these tonight looking for something and noticed they were taken exactly 2 years ago today.  They make me smile from ear to ear…..


Two years ago, how can that be??  That was also the year our kiddos didn’t make the Christmas card.  Yeah, with a doozie of an image like this, you can’t really blame me though huh?


I really do need to print these (hanging head in shame that I haven’t in the last 2 years!) and put them on my walls during the holidays.  They really do make me smile 🙂

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flashback friday

my little dude….all of 15 days old.  i don’t think i ever shared this one before, not sure, but i’m pretty sure i just skimmed over it.  i was going through a few images this week and came across it.  i fell in love all over again.

happy weekend everyone!

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