2 years ago….I didn’t know….

  • he’d be a huge fan of the karate chop.
  • he’d love to dance more than anyone I know.  especially at random, odd, moments that would make everyone laugh.  especially strangers.
  • he’d be capable of full, long conversations.
  • and when said conversations are constantly interrupted by a chatty older brother, he’d get frustrated and always say “Tyyyyyy, I not even talkin’ to you, I talkin’ to Maaaaama!”.
  • that he’d love ovals and octagons.
  • that it would take so long for he and taryn to find a happy place.
  • or that it would be that much sweeter when they finally did, because the road to a mutual love for one another was so curved.
  • he’d be able to hit a ball with a bat every.single.time you throw one at him.  without a tee and without teaching him.
  • and throw a football, 10 feet away, right to you, every time, with a spin.
  • that he’d do everything possible to hula hoop like his sister, but when he couldn’t figure out, he’d pick up the hula hoop and run around in the cutest big circle with the cutest big smile that I ever would see.
  • that the ultimate insult he’d ever use at the ripe old age of two would be calling someone a “stinky head”.
  • that my heart would melt daily when after naptime story, he’d roll over, say “I wonna nuggle”, grab my hand and lay his head on my chest.
  • that an automatic spiderman toothbrush could be the biggest, most thrilling, highlight of the entire day.
  • that blankie would be his best friend.  and he’d bring blankie to me throughout the day and say “here momma, you love blankie too…” bringing the stinky thing in close for a snuggle before running off declaring ownership with an “it mine!”
  • that he’d often declare, when strapped in to his carseat/stroller/shopping cart “HELP!  I stuck!!”.  and when we tell him he isn’t stuck, he’s intentionally strapped in, he’d declare us to be wrong, he “really is stuck”.
  • that swimming goggles would be a daily fashion statement.
  • that his constantly requested foods would be raspberries and “mac – e – cheese”.
  • that he’d always be first in line at the front door ready to wave goodbye.  especially when he isn’t actually the one going anywhere.

but what I really didn’t know, is how many times he’d make us smile and laugh.  he’s our chill little, happy, duder who has turned in to the family comedian.  that is no small feat in this house.  funny how I can’t remember what it was even like before he was here.  his presence and love is just that huge.