little treasures

I normally don’t blog mini sessions beyond the initial sneak peek but I was cleaning off my hard drive and doing some ordering and archiving tonight and decided to pull a few little treasures to share.   The last one may seem like a funny choice to share, but it pulls at my heart for a different reason.  This was the last shot of the day, last photo of this beautiful family as a four (about to be five!).  Truth be told, I had already put my camera away and it was packed in my bag.  I said goodbye and about half way down the walk way to my van when I turned to look back and I saw this scene.  It made me smile so much that I stopped, dug out my camera and caught the moment.  I love it because it is them.  Smiling and relaxed and little kisses being blown.  It’s telling of their place in life, hanging out with toddlers, a note to the left of the door asking visitors to not ring the bell and wake up a little one.  The door just barely cracked tells us how incredibly welcome and warm they are when you’re invited into their home.  I’m pretty thankful they let me in to capture it every now and then.

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And grow and change they did…

When we moved to Austin I was 5 months pregnant with Teagan. We didn’t open Life in Motion here right away, we closed the business in Louisiana and let our move linger into maternity leave. I took 6 months off to stay home with Teagan before I was itching to get back to work. My very first full session on the books was for an adorable little family with a 3 month old little boy named John Michael. That adorable family is now ever more adorable believe it or not as they have added to their crew. I was thrilled when they invited me back after the birth of their second son Noah, who is also 3 months old. I know I’ve said it a million times but I truly am so lucky to be invited in to the homes of my clients and capture how much they have grown and changed. And grow and change they did…

Mary Beth and Michael, thank you for asking me to document your beautiful family again!

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they warned me

I got fun little text messages from her parents leading up to this session that warned me she is really cute.  and a poser.  and totally perfect.  at 11 days old, I have to agree, she is.

she rocked her session today with lots of sleep, sweet gazes into the camera, a few smiles, a lot of snuggles and and whole lot of sweetness.

and yes, i realize it isn’t very nice to not show you the insane amount of cuteness at the other end of the highchair photo, but trust me, it’ll be worth the wait!!

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birthday boys | austin lifestyle family photographer

There are sessions that I can’t wait to run home and download and absorb the images one by one.  This was one of those!  In fact, I couldn’t even wait until I got home….I thumbed through my memory cards, image by image, sitting in the parking lot at the location….

Their pre-session client survey indicated green in their images, architecture, coy smiles, happy little boys, big blue eyes, laughs and a whole lot of love.  And that is exactly what they showed up with and shared with me.  Love it!  Larisa & Greg, it was so great to spend the morning with your family….thank you for trusting me when I said “hey, let’s meet in a parking garage”!  😉  Happy first birthday sweet boys!!

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birthday boys

Cooper and Spencer turned one and I got to hang out with them one morning to help celebrate.  And while their super cute names might be Cooper and Spencer, to me they will always be Gilligan and Skipper (a la Little Monsters Bash last Halloween).  I can’t wait to see what they dress up as this year, but no pressure Joyce!  HA!

We’ll start off this blog post with this end….pretty darn cute aren’t they?

Uh, yes, yes, they are.  I mean look at those arms, those rubber band wrists, the dimples and the rock star hair….

And we’ll end this blog post with the other end.  Also pretty darn cute.  Man I’m a sucker for little boys in chucks (and girls too!).  If I was forced to confess the number of pairs in my house alone, let’s just say it’s in the double digits.  Lots.  In multiple colors and sizes for each child AND the adults.  Love me some chucks!

Don’t you just want to reach up and pinch those little chubby thighs?!  I do!  So cute!!

C Family – it’s always a joy to see you guys and I’m so thankful you chose me to capture them during their first year!  Happy Birthday boys!!

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Belen | Leander Newborn Photographer

A few more from the session that resulted in one of my all time favorite newborn photos….

I still can’t believe we got it, it happened so fast, I really hope they blow it up big!  Belen gave me just a few frames, in the most perfect light, before starting to fuss.  Thankfully, those few frames worked out!  I normally try to photograph newborns in the early part of the day, but she was a rock star on this evening.  We had to work for it but she gave me wonderful little blips of eye contact and sleep just when the light was perfection.  I’m so thankful for her understanding, calm, soothing parents.

I think every new parent needs a photo of their baby crying…you’ll want to remember it someday, I promise!

Thank you S Family, congratulations on your new beautiful daughter, it was wonderful to meet you all!

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belle | austin newborn photographer

Miss Belle is also a little bitty thing weighing in at around 5 lbs at birth.  I also photographed her birth but I am still working on proofing those images (halfway done Pam!).  Her parents chose to have me proof her newborn photos first so they could get announcements out but I wanted to take a quick break and come share a few.  LOVED this session.  The color, the moments, everything.  When I arrived I asked if they were friendly with their neighbors because it would be great to use the flowers in their yard as a backdrop.  They thought I meant the beautiful, manicured yard two doors down…nope not me….I was drawn the house across the street that hadn’t been mowed since last year.  HA!  Yeah baby….

Uh, have I ever mentioned how much I adore grandpas?  I LOVE cute little old grandpas.  He was so cute with Belle, a confident hand and just in love with her….I love how they are checking each other out in the first one.

And as I was setting them up for a shot on the front porch, I was testing the light, he was getting ready, and both of them sneezed at the same time.  Such a cute moment!

I can’t wait to see this one on canvas….

And then as I was poking around in the nursery looking for things to incorporate into their session, blankets, etc.  I found THIS!!  It pays to be nosey!  HA!  I thought I had died and gone to photographer heaven right then and there!  I mean seriously?!  An original bright red English Pram?!  And bonus, it belonged to her Daddy when he was a baby overseas.

And last but not least, my fave family shots from this session….

Pam & Chris, congratulations on the birth of Belle, she is so beautiful!  It has been a pleasure to get to know you and I look forward to photographing your family again in 6 months!  Birth photos coming soon, promise!!

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annslee | austin newborn photographer

I was lucky enough to photograph her birth and then I got to do her newborn session less than one week later.  She is (was – she is now almost 2 months old) a tiny little peanut and oh so good for her session!  I bet she’s changed so much already!

I took a few photos of her nursery while she was filling her tummy.  Such a cool room, it feels like such a warm haven….

Congrats again Amanda & Trent on the birth of your beautiful daughter!  I can’t wait to see how much Miss Annslee has changed at 6 months old!!

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full circle | austin baby photographer

I can’t believe that these two are already one!  Wow.  It’s always a blast catching up with this family!  I’m pretty sure their love of the camera has something to do with their momma.  If you read her blog, you know they are certainly not under photographed!  I’ve been lucky enough to get to photograph them several times during their first year.  It still makes me weepy to look at these, I really love these and I’ll never stop thinking of them as Gilligan & Skipper!  But really, could Cooper and Spencer be any cuter?  I think not….

And I have to share this….mid session I had the idea to recreate this pose from their newborn session….only well…uhm….yeeeeeaah.  I think this is the perfect time to say “Oh what a difference a year makes!!!!!”  HA!

Real life IS worth photographing 😉

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funny little baby | cedar park newborn photographer

This little guy made me laugh, while shooting, while proofing and now, while blogging.  These have long since been delivered but I still wanted to come share a few more from his newborn session.

First, he was sleepy.

And then he was chill.

And very happy.

He’s got a little rock star in him too.

Man I’m a sucker for a good baby mohawk.  Especially on a very chill baby….

I’m telling you, this little guy is a character!

He’s cuddly too.

And oh yeah, a couple of outtakes, these make me laugh so much.  It’s like he realizes crazy photographer lady is STILL there!!  HAHA!

These two  Curious little guy!  HA!

C Family, I think you have one amazing, funny, sweet little guy on your hands, congrats again!!

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the heart of texas | austin family photographer

I have a soft spot in my heart for families of 5 with 3 little kiddos.  And this momma, wow, this momma has it all under control and makes it look easy with 3, 2 & under.  Yes, you read that right.  And she’s cool, calm & collected.  And even sane!  If raising 3 little ones wasn’t enough, she also raises money for the March of Dimes.  I’m telling you, she’s hiding a super mom cape under there somewhere, I just know it….

And these two little cuties, Mason & Wyatt, are just the happiest little guys ever.  AND, get this!  Just today, they found out that they landed a part on the hit TV show, Friday Night Lights on NBC for this coming up season!!  How cool is that!?  I can’t wait to see them on the show….and I’ll be able to say I knew them before they were famous!

Big brother Rhett just turned two a few weeks ago.  He stole my heart….he is sooo sweet and has the dreamiest eyes ever….

Kim & Monte, thanks for coming out tonight, I had such a great time photographing your beautiful family of 5!

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