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I loved catching up with my old friends and baby planners!!  Hilary booked a mommy & me mini this past spring and I couldn’t get over how much the boys have grown.  My two absolute favorites from our time together are the images of the boys running in circles around her and the one of one upside down in her arms and one at her feet.  It’s a twin mom thing!  Love it!  I hope you love your photos Hilary!

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There are sessions that I can’t wait to run home and download and absorb the images one by one.  This was one of those!  In fact, I couldn’t even wait until I got home….I thumbed through my memory cards, image by image, sitting in the parking lot at the location….

Their pre-session client survey indicated green in their images, architecture, coy smiles, happy little boys, big blue eyes, laughs and a whole lot of love.  And that is exactly what they showed up with and shared with me.  Love it!  Larisa & Greg, it was so great to spend the morning with your family….thank you for trusting me when I said “hey, let’s meet in a parking garage”!  😉  Happy first birthday sweet boys!!

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birthday boys

Cooper and Spencer turned one and I got to hang out with them one morning to help celebrate.  And while their super cute names might be Cooper and Spencer, to me they will always be Gilligan and Skipper (a la Little Monsters Bash last Halloween).  I can’t wait to see what they dress up as this year, but no pressure Joyce!  HA!

We’ll start off this blog post with this end….pretty darn cute aren’t they?

Uh, yes, yes, they are.  I mean look at those arms, those rubber band wrists, the dimples and the rock star hair….

And we’ll end this blog post with the other end.  Also pretty darn cute.  Man I’m a sucker for little boys in chucks (and girls too!).  If I was forced to confess the number of pairs in my house alone, let’s just say it’s in the double digits.  Lots.  In multiple colors and sizes for each child AND the adults.  Love me some chucks!

Don’t you just want to reach up and pinch those little chubby thighs?!  I do!  So cute!!

C Family – it’s always a joy to see you guys and I’m so thankful you chose me to capture them during their first year!  Happy Birthday boys!!

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I can’t believe that these two are already one!  Wow.  It’s always a blast catching up with this family!  I’m pretty sure their love of the camera has something to do with their momma.  If you read her blog, you know they are certainly not under photographed!  I’ve been lucky enough to get to photograph them several times during their first year.  It still makes me weepy to look at these, I really love these and I’ll never stop thinking of them as Gilligan & Skipper!  But really, could Cooper and Spencer be any cuter?  I think not….

And I have to share this….mid session I had the idea to recreate this pose from their newborn session….only well…uhm….yeeeeeaah.  I think this is the perfect time to say “Oh what a difference a year makes!!!!!”  HA!

Real life IS worth photographing 😉

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real quick

Yesterday was a crazy day, downtown first thing with Miss A, hour drive back home for a few hours, back downtown for these two little cuties, then I delivered a bunch of orders down south and then back home for the night.  I crashed with the kids and I never do that!  A quick sneak peek for their momma before I run out the door to a newborn session this morning….


Not only is this a quick sneak peek, but these boys are quick!  On.The.Move!  Already 9 months old.  I’ve been photographing them since they were born and I can’t believe the next time I see them they will be celebrating a birthday!

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I’m going through a neurotic phase with my blogging.  Let me explain…..I love linking back to things later when I’m talking about things in a previous post.  And I like to have things all in one place.  For this reason, I have been posting everyone’s sneak peeks along with their longer blog post once their session is completed and their order is in.  So, long story short, please forgive me for showing initial sneak peeks again, I’m just being neuroitic like that.  I may get over it as some point, but not today.  See….look….here is this little one again.  Hope you don’t mind.


I could look at these two all day….and it’s my blog….so here it is again….


how is this for a little holiday cheer?  if this doesn’t make you want to sing jingle bells, well then you’re just a scrooge!




Hey look, everyone is smiling!!  Score!!



This makes me laugh….when we put Spencer in the highchair out in the field, he was a happy camper.  Cooper, oh funny Cooper, he was confused.  I think he was waiting for me to bust out the squash.  And when I didn’t….I got this:


In retrospect, it was pretty mean to put you in a highchair out in the middle of nowhere and not give you anything to eat.  My bad little buddy!


Another fave, love this one too!


C Family, thank you for making the trip allllllll the way out here to see me from New Braunsfels and for braving the mud to get the highchair shots!  It was so great to see you all again and I hope you love your photographs!

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