Grandparents day was last weekend and we totally slacked.  I’d love to say that we sent thoughtful cards and picked up the phone and honored the wonderful grandparents that our kids have….but, we didn’t.  We forgot.  But Taryn’s teacher didn’t and the kids drew a photo of their grandparents in class.  When we found this in her folder it was an instant favorite and Jase and I cracked up.  First, note the purple shoes….I’m fairly certain I’ve never seen Grandma or Grandpa in purple shoes.  No, make that absolutely certain.  Especially Grandpa.  Although I would like to.  Grandma is on the right, and I can assure you that she is not a hairy lady at all, and she is much shorter than grandpa.  Grandpa is on the left and Taryn told us he’s raising his hand because he needs to be excused to go potty.  Awesome.  So awesome.

Happy Grandparents Day Gary and Janet, this bad boy is headed your way in the mail!  And hey mom, want me to ask T to draw a picture of you and PaPa?  I can’t promise I won’t blog it though…..It’s a loaded question 😉