Our last day of vacation. 

A couple of things that brought Taryn an unmeasurable amount of joy!

First, the hotel’s shuttle bus.  Every time we went into or out of the hotel she’d yell "LELLO CHOO CHOO TRAIN" (translated – yellow choo choo train).  And without fail one of use would say, "no, it’s a blue bus".  And she would say "A bue bus?!?!?"  It became her thing that she teased us with by day 6 – so cute.  She knew it was a blue bus, but she just wanted to hear us say it and she’d sound so surprised every time and just giggle.  I had to take a picture of it πŸ™‚


Are elevators a source of enjoyment for all 2 year olds?  She loved pushing the button, and oh goodness, watch out if someone else tried to do it!!!


You’ll notice there are less people pictures, my family is pretty tired of having the camera in their faces so I aimed it at other stuff to give them a break.  We decided to do a little shopping during the morning and then head downtown to walk around and see the sites.   Charleston really does feel like New Orleans in so many ways, lots of good old southern charm.  A few favorites from our trip downtown…






and a few by Ty….he’s been on a tilt kick lately


outside the fire department



dinner at the Crab Shack…don’t worry, be crabby πŸ˜‰




Bye Charleston!


So I was a little behind in posting, we are home now.  Our vacation was wonderful but it’s also nice to be home.  We all took a really long fabulous nap yesterday when we got home πŸ™‚  Starting today we have construction going on at our house every day….fun stuff!

Thanks to everyone for following along on our vacation and all your wonderful comments!