Sorry, I’m a few days behind.  =)

We finally made it to the plantation and it was worth the wait.  We were thinking it would maybe be a couple hour thing but it could have been an all day thing.  We did the house tour but they wouldn’t let me take pics, said the flash hurts the furniture.  So just outdoor / grounds pics.  We also took the kids on the train around the grounds.  Here are a few favorites…


Taryn thought the peacocks were chickens.






Jason took this one


hehe…just too much going and not enough napping.


Leaving the plantation we passed the cemetary where one of the fallen 9 firefighters was being laid to rest.  There was a very long line of fire trucks and people lining the streets as they made their way to the gravesite.  So, so sad.


Next we hit the beach, so excited to see the Atlantic for the first time.



Taryn loved it!  I was surprised, she took off running at high speed.  Jase had fun chasing her, we were surprised at just how fast those little legs are!





Heading back to the hotel over the bridge.


Still not very many pics of Ty.  My family is getting pretty tired of having the camera in their face for the 5th day in a row.  Tomorrow we plan to walk around downtown and get ready to head home.  Thanks for stopping in =)

  • I have been reading your blog for a while now and thought I really should *finally* leave a comment.

    I LOVE all the pictures-they’re fantastic. I’m on a trip with my 22 month old as we speak, so I can totally relate to the picture where Taryn’s hands are covering her face. LOL We’ve had several meltdowns ourselves!!

    Again, I’m very impressed with your pictures and you’re also a wonderful storyteller. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I have also been a ‘follower’ of your blog, and just wanted to say that I’ve loved the trip to SC!

    I also wanted to thank you for your inspiration…I have recently started ‘blogging’ to help keep our families up to date on our 3 month old son…I continue to find myself reading your stories and reminding myself to just ‘talk’ and then things flow well!!

    Thanks again for the sights of SC (and I also share your fear of bridges, so thanks for the nice new way of looking at them!)

  • I love the sunflare shot!! Taryn looks like she is having a ball. Enjoy your last days on vacation!!!!