I’m almost afraid to post this because I’m afraid I’ll jinx it….but…fingers crossed….Jonah is a great sleeper.  A few days ago, Jase looked at me and said “Did our other kids sleep like this?”  To which is replied a loud “NO!”  The other 3 were up every 2, maybe 3 if we were lucky, hours for the first 6 weeksish.  As soon as Jonah hit his birth weight and we no longer had to wake him to eat, he started to sleep in 4 to 6 hour stretches each night.  Some nights he will pull one 3 hour stretch then follow it up with a longer one, but not often.  I can function on that.  So can Jase.  And with stretches like this I don’t feel bad that we both get up with him, Jase handles the diaper change and I nurse Jonah then put him back to bed in the rock-n-play.  We received a beautiful bassinet that little man won’t sleep in, he prefers the rock-n-play.  I figured I could at least use it as a prop for a few photos since otherwise it has been sitting empty since around day 3 when we gave in and sent my mother-in-law to Target for a rock-n-play in hopes of more sleep.  It worked.

These were taken at 17 days old.  I love these photos.  I think the first and the last are my faves, but in all the others it’s like he’s laughing at me and giving me the “my mom is crazy if she thinks I’m going to sleep in this thing” crazy eyes.  LOL!  Funny baby!  He eventually gave in though, my sweet, sleepy, little baby.