I can see him thinking “my boob is over there, but my milk is over here….hmmmm”.  He looks so unsure LOL!  We had to introduce a bottle fairly early on, right at 2 weeks old, to be sure he would take one before I returned to work at 3 weeks old.  This was the first one.  Thankfully he’s done well with the bottle and goes back and forth easily.  I was really worried because my body refused to respond with the pump with Teagan Jude and he was not a fan of bottles.  It worked ok because I didn’t return to working until he was 6 months old and on some solids.  That wasn’t an option this time and we knew if I wasn’t able to pump breastmilk for Jonah, or if he refused the bottle, that he’d be going to work with me.  That would be a logistical challenge for sure as I love nursing my babies and not nursing them just isn’t really an option for me/us.  Thankfully it has worked out perfectly so far.  I do love that Jase gets to bond with him by feeding Jonah every now and then.  With lots and lots of help!