Jun 11, 2007
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Still sick, but just a fever so far.  Hanging out on the couch with her baby. 


So not like her, she is usually everywhere, all over the house.  Yesterday she wanted to play so bad, she’d get up to go and I’d find her just hanging out on the living room floor or on the floor in her bedroom a few minutes later.  She told me, "Mommy, I so tired."  Poor thing, she wants to feel better, but she just doesn’t.

  • Julia

    Poor little muffin. Hope she feels better soon!

  • Nia

    Aww poor Taryn!! She looks just like her daddy in that picture! But it looks like she’s saying, “Oh c’mon Mommy! I sick and you pull that darn camera out on me?! Gimme a break!” LOL!

    Oh and I ventured in to JCPenney’s for 6 month photos, and I hate the service!! I guess, once you go Lyndsay you never go back!! LOL!!