Jun 10, 2007
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The little one is sick.  Fever, not sure why.  She never gets sick.  I can probably count the number of times she’s been sick on one hand and I’m so thankful for that.  I hate it when she is, but man is she cuddly.  Jason eats it up.  She’s quiet, it throws the entire house out of wack.

Ty started a summer bowling league yesterday.  This is going to be good for him, he needed something since he didn’t want to play baseball for the first time in 6 years.  🙁  I missed it more than he did.  I’m so used to summers at the ball park, sitting in the stands, bags of peanuts, grass stained polyester….sigh.  I can’t make him love it as much as I do though, believe me, I tried.  So we’re trying bowling and maybe karate.  My mom brings Ty bowling every now and then and neglected to tell us before signing him up for the league that Ty has his own special "technique" with the sport.  This includes richocheting the ball off of the bumpers.  Of course my husband wants him to have correct form and everything, so I’m sure yesterday was interesting.  When they arrived Ty started looking for a good ball to use and chose a pink one.  Jason make him put it back even though Ty said it was the perfect fit and weight.  So he did, he chose another one and after 4 gutter balls in a row (minus his richochet technique and the gutter bumpers), Ty chose another ball, the pink one.  First shot with the shiny pink ball was a strike – HAHA!

Oh Oh Oh!  Construction starts this week – Wednesday!  Sooooo psyched, I can’t wait!  Progress.  It’s something we haven’t had for a long time.  First up, refacing the new fireplace, sheetrock, tile surround and new mantel so they can start on all the trim work thoughout.  I hope our house will be done by the end of the month – can you believe that?!

  • GeeGee

    It takes a REAL MAN (oops…BOY) to bowl with a pink bowling ball. Ty is very secure in his masculinity!! I like to refer to Ty’s bowling technique as “free style”. You know how the pros stand with feet together, ball poised in front of their nose to line it up with the pins? Then they smoothly glide forward as the ball swings behind them for a smooth release as their toes approach the line….. Not Ty! He grabs it out of the ball holder thingy(?), RUNS toward the lane and kind of side arms it toward the pins. I’ve seen him get a strike after three (3!!!) ricochets off the gutter bumpers!! Not everyone can do that!….and with a pink ball! I’ve even seen the ball knock down pins in the lane next to his when his sidearm gets a little on the wild(er) side! Going bowling with Ty is never boring …..!

    I’m sorry my sweet pea is not feeling good today…. hopes she’s back to her funny little self real quick!