Taryn loves to text.  We’ve gone searching for our phones more than once only to find out she’d stolen it and was texting people.  Her usual victims are Jason’s younger brother Scott or my mom.  Texting my mom at 6 am not such a big deal, but Scott is rarely up that early.  Sometimes she tells them it’s her, but not always.  So they think it is either Jase or I.  Stinker.  We’ve had more than one “discussion” with her about it.

Last night I had a really rough night and didn’t get much sleep.  And since Duder is still napping at least 2x a week, today was the perfect day to encourage rest.  I got Taryn set up with her reading assignment and laid down with Duder for a little while.  I woke up an hour later feeling like a whole new person and functioning again.  When I sat at my desk a few hours later I picked up my phone and noticed this…..

HILARIOUS!  Jase was asking about stopping at Home Depot to pick up a hose and attachment we need for the birth tub.  He had NO CLUE he was texting with Taryn and not me!  HA!  He was ready to shut down his computer and run home.  She got him good!  Thank God she said “No:(” when she did or it would have gotten really interesting when he busted through the door ready for baby time!