I’m officially the most pregnant I’ve ever been with any of the kids.  We thought Sunday night was it.  Put everyone on notice, regular contractions 4 minutes apart, intense.  And then suddenly….nothing.  I did this with the 2 little kids as well, lots and lots of pre-labor.  Monday and Tuesday very few contractions, but I was beyond exhausted from not sleeping well.  Super cranky too, so I’ve been laying low and hiding out to not subject everyone to my moods.

I had a midwife appointment and a chiropractic appointment yesterday.  My midwife was pretty sure that Jonah is head down, but not certain.  When we got home, I was super uncomfortable, more so than usual.  I started feeling feet kicks to the cervix and hiccups up high under my ribs.  I’m pretty sure he’s flipped back to breech *again*.  UGH!  Head down and stay put kiddo!!  After all that work to flip him over a few weeks ago!  Stay put kid and stop messing with me!  So…we are going in for a presentation check later this afternoon and then I have an acupuncture appointment after that in case we need to flip him.  I feel like the acupuncture last time, with acupressure and the homeopathic Pulsatilla did the job in flipping him a few weeks ago.  So we will do those things again if needed, but it may take a day or two.  Hopefully if that is the case he’ll sit tight and give us some time.  I woke up super crampy this morning and have a few other early labor signs, so I think we are getting close no matter what, but you never know.  He could just be a really indecisive Libra.