What a long 24 hours it has been.  I started having contractions last night.  Last night they weren’t too bad.  Strong enough to make me stop and they took my breath away.  But they weren’t super regular so I didn’t put much thought in to them.  We were busy prepping our new curriculum for Taryn last night that we started today, so I had a lot of distraction.  We got done pretty late, I took a warm bath, had some chamomile and lavender tea and tried to sleep.  Unsuccessfully.  But I tried.  I think the best sleep I got was between 6 and 6:45 am when I needed to get up for the day.  I woke up with a lego stuck to my face and another stuck in my hair.  Totally a “mother of boys” problem right there.  I’m pretty sure Jude brought legos with him when he stopped by to snuggle in the wee hours of the morning.  Ha!  Starting a new curriculum while juggling our normal morning routine of breakfast, getting dressed for the day, supplements for all of us, prepping lunch and dinner, etc. was a challenge.  Throw in contractions after little sleep and I was a bit overwhelmed this morning.  I had a chiropractic appointment all set up for this afternoon, along with acupuncture just in case we needed to use it to try and flip Jonah over.  He had flipped from head down to breech 5 times in 2 days.  I don’t think he got the memo that we are seriously out of room for all that flipping around!  I spent most of the weekend trying all the old tricks to get him to flip including wearing a bag of frozen peas on top of my belly while editing.  After talking with my midwife this morning about all the contractions we decided I should go see her before acupuncture for a position check.  Great news:  my little stinker is head down!  At least for the moment!!  Hopefully he will stay put until he decides to make an appearance.  I had a lot of pre-labor with both Jude and Taryn.  So it could be tonight or it could be a week or more.  He’ll come when it he’s good and ready.  I’m ok with that.  I actually love that he decides.  I won’t lie, a week or so of this will wear on me for sure.  I’ve been there, but I’m trying to stay positive.  I have a lot of love and support around me, that I’m very thankful for.  For now I’m trying to finish up work, get the house ready and wait it out.  Full moon this weekend….anyone want to place bets?