Our time in Sedona was waaaaaaay too short. Every single one of us wanted to stay longer. I just fell in love with it and have spent the last several days trying to convince Jason that we need to winter here next year. Even though it’s multiple states away from our winter plan. The energy, the healing, the spirituality, it is just beautiful.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona was absolutely amazing! This church built in to the side of the red rock was stunning, both inside and out!

As gorgeous as the chapel is from the outside, it is just as stunning inside. The kids and I enjoyed a few peaceful moments praying and taking in the views.

Jason and our baby pterodactyl hung out just outside the chapel while the other kids and I went in to pray. As I was heading out to meet them I spotted a reflection in the door that showed both the red rocks behind me and the chapel cross in front of me. It almost looks like a double exposure. I love it so much.

While I have loved Arizona, this is a struggle. SO. MUCH. DUST. It’s messing with me and it is just everywhere! Our shoes and everything outside has never been so dusty before! But oh my goodness, my kids have loved spotting all the dirt devils! I wish I would have caught one with my camera. My lungs will be happy when we move away from all this dust though!

Hiking Cathedral Rock.

We weren’t very prepared for this hike. It was supposed to be a short one. Someone needed water. And when Jude mentions needing water, you turn around and figure it out asap because he cannot cope with being thirsty. He’s been like that forever and we just know to deal with it. So he and I headed back to the truck while the rest of the crew finished out the short amount of hiking left to reach the goal. That’s ok, I enjoyed spending some one on one time with him chatting as we headed back.

Jude is like a little encyclopedia. He knows SO MUCH STUFF. Totally random, but really cool, stuff. Most of our conversations start with “Hey Mom, did you know…..” And my answer is always “No, I didn’t know that!” But he did. I love that he soaks up and retains things a lot of other people don’t know.