What’s a mom bag?  It’s my bag that saves the day, a lot!  Being a fulltime family with 6 travelers and dogs takes a lot of planning!  The mom bag, as the kids have lovingly named it, is my bag of things that helps us have easier, happier, travel days!  This is a great bag if you travel fulltime or even if you are just planning a summer adventure with kids.  I’ll include links below to a lot of the items in our Mom Bag.  I hope you find this video useful! Keep an eye out for more videos and subscribe to our YouTube channel here: lifeinmotion


LL Bean Tote Bag – I probably need a bigger one, ours is very full!
Bagpodz – These are so great and eliminate the big pile of bulky reusable grocery bags that took up too much room in the truck!
Glass Spray Bottles for Hand Sanitizer
Lip Balm Recipe
Stainless Steel Cups
Sippy cup tops
Star Wars Ponchos
Compact Umbrella
Poison Ivy Homeopathic
Healing foot spray
Mini Dr. Bronner Soaps
Calming Homeopathic
Hand & Foot Warmers
Rescue Remedy Spray – good for stress / anxiety and traveling pets
Earthley Natural Bug Repellant
Pulsatilla Homeopathic
Colloidal Silver – great for skinned knees, cuts, pain, ear aches, eye infections, cleaning cuts and scrapes, etc.  Instant pain relief!
Suncreen – we actually prefer the one from Earthley
Pest Aside Bug Repellant
Doggie Bags with Dispenser
Emergency Kit
Phone Charge Cord
Small Measuring Tape
Wet Brush
Multi Tool
Change Purse with roll of quarters, dollar bills
Bag Organizers
Euphoric Herbals Super Salve & Baby Balm
Tweezer and Clipper Set
Happy Baby Toys:  Fruit Teethers, Magnet Blocks
Collapsible kids cups with lids
Essential Oil Bag (lavendar, balance, orange, joy, panaway, valor, peppermint, thieves, oregano)
Almond Butter Snack Packs

And a couple of things I forgot to cover in the video:

  • Small flashlight
  • Rollerball of ACV (this is great to roll on sunburns)
  • Multi use Blanket – we use this on travel days as a picnic blanket or a table cloth, depending on where we stop for lunch.  It’s great at the beach too!  We actually have two.  A large one for beach days and a small one for travel days.