This family just means the world to me.  I first met Heather when I was interviewing midwives to help deliver Jonah.  I met her and instantly felt at ease, which was exactly what I wanted for my birth space.  We have a lot in common and we clicked right away.  I feel so blessed to have had her at Jonah’s birth and supporting me throughout my pregnancy and beyond.  I know that I have a friend in her forever.  That’s why I was beyond elated when she shared she was pregnant with Riley.  It was an honor to photograph her birth and then a few days later, her official newborn session….


This next set is especially meaningful to me and I hope to Heather too.  After Jonah was born I approached Heather about possibly making a blanket for us.  I wanted something specific to use in Taryn’s room.  She did a beautiful job (I so need to take a real photo of it with my nice camera because it is seriously gorgeous).  Taryn has use of it but it’s never leaving this house, it’s so special to me.  Knitted with love by the midwife who helped see our son earthside at home kind of special.  Knitted with love while she patiently waiting on dozens of other babies to be ready to be born.  That blanket has been to a lot of births, I love that.  Anyway, when it came time to photograph Riley I had the idea to put her in a basket of Heather’s yarn, knowing she’d have some laying around, I didn’t bring any with me the day of her session.  I’m so glad I didn’t because she ran and pulled out a big bag.  It was all the yarn she used for the blanket she made for us.  It made me tear up while shooting these, thinking how our families and stories have knitted together.


Could these girls love their new baby sister any more?!  I love big families.  And like I always tell Jonah, you may have more people to be loud and wake you up during nap time, but you also have more people to love you right from the start and that’s an immeasurable blessing.