why I absolutely adore my husband. This proves that he will literally do anything to make his children happy! When I brought it home at first he thought I had lost my mind. At first it was just meant to be used at my Mom’s annual Easter Egg Hunt for 9 of her 11 grandchildren that are local. But then I had the idea of sending all the kids invitations this year, kids love getting mail! It took a bit of convincing but he dove in, he’s such a trooper. Ty taunted him quite a bit the little turd, but Taryn loved it. She’d laugh a big fake loud laugh and throw her hands over her mouth she was just so tickled by him…..so cute! I have the best husband in the entire world!!! Here are just a few of the bunch I took…



“Now where the hell did I leave my eggs??” LOL


After one too many chocolate eggs!!!






A bunny getting bunny ears, did I say Ty was being a turd? Exhibit A…


Me giving my hubbie a proper thank you 🙂 You can practically see him counting all those bonus points he earned can’t ya? LOL