Took the little one to the park today for lunch with my mom…..it was uber hot by the time we got there and full sun (her red face proves it too!). As we were leaving the sprinklers came on in the big grassy area. Taryn wouldn’t have anything to do with it. She’d want to run out there but once it started to hit her she’d run back and say "rain rain"……so she stuck to her little pitiful puddle =)  I used the Nikon D50 for these because it’s smaller and easier to carry than the 5D.  Sometimes I miss the Nikon color!  When Ty got home and saw this he said "you went to the park??  you went to the park with GeeGee???  you went to the park and played in the puddles????  AND you went to Sonic?????  That’s just wrong."  I told him I felt really bad he wasn’t there, he said I should and giggled.  I can’t wait for summer to get here!